30 Years of Progress: Rosemary Musachio’s Take on Crip Camp

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 30-years-old on July 26th, 2020. This law dramatically enhanced the quality of life for people with disabilities (PwDs) and is arguably one of the most impactful civil rights laws since the 1970s. After all, the ADA has fundamentally changed the way we design buildings and consider accessibility in public spaces. A movie about the start of the movement, titled Crip Camp, is now available on NetFlix.

Rosemary Musachio, a friend of the firm, wrote an article for RUH Global Impact about the ADA, the people featured in Crip Camp, and what the pandemic means for people with disabilities (PwDs).

In her article, Rosemary describes what America was like for PwDs before the ADA. She goes on to explain how the movement started at Camp Jened in the 1970s and highlights efforts by two of those campers to change how the nation treats PwDs. It’s a fascinating story that demonstrates how a simple act, starting a camp for PwDs, could grow into a movement that leads to people leaving their wheelchairs to crawl up the steps of the capitol building in Washington DC.

She goes on to provide a startling description of what life was like before the ADA and what is still needed to secure equal treatment under the law for PwDs. Rosemary even touches on how positive discrimination amidst the COVID-19 pandemic could impact those who need respirators most.

Both Rosemary’s article and the movie Crip Camp are fascinating takes on how the ADA came to be. If you have any interest in documentaries, we hope you’ll put on Crip Camp this July. The film is produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama and has won awards at both Sundance and the Miami International film festival.

If you’d like to learn more about the ADA and the people involved at Camp Jened, we hope you’ll take a moment to visit RUH Global Impact’s website.

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