Is Voice Dictation Safer Than Texting?

woman texting and driving

It's no secret that technological advances lead to potential dangers on the road. Some drivers believe voice-to-text options such as "Siri" are safer than texting and driving.

However, that is sadly not the case. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute study revealed that driver reaction times with voice-to-text components were nearly two times slower than the baseline condition. The study also found that it doesn't make a difference if a driver is texting or using voice dictation: it's the same amount of distraction.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is an epidemic that steals thousands of lives each year throughout the nation. Electronic devices are a significant factor in causing distracted driving collisions. Speech to text requires drivers to dictate voice commands as a means of communication; this causes drivers to become less alert and lose focus. Using Voice dictation could result in a dangerous accident due to decreased reaction time.

Four Categories of Distracted Driving

Engaging in any activity that steals your attention off the road is dangerous for all parties. Four different types of distractions could present themselves during driving.

  • Visual distractions

  • Auditory distractions

  • Cognitive distractions

  • Manual distractions

Whether a driver is texting on an electronic device or using a voice command, their eyes and attention are still not on the road. Anything that diverts a driver's attention is reckless and could lead to a severe accident that could've been prevented.

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