What if You’re Injured at a Property with Building Code Violations?

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Some of the most common personal injury cases involve slips and falls, getting struck in the head, or other trauma as a result of negligence by property owners. In California, there are significant requirements that all buildings must have to stay within these guidelines. If someone is injured as a result of these not being followed, the property owner or company could be in serious trouble.

Newport Beach Building Codes

To better understand what the city of Newport Beach would consider a code violation, you must first have a greater understanding of California's building codes overall. While the city does have its own set of standards, it primarily follows the state guidelines, which are broken down between residential and commercial structures.

Building Must-Haves

Although the guidelines are generally dependent on the type of building (residential, commercial, historical), there are a few safety requirements that most, if not all, buildings have to follow:

While these are the minimum requirements for safety in California, other codes apply to make buildings more American Disability's Act (ADA) accessible and eco-friendly.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured As a Result of Building Code Violation?

While you should be seeking appropriate medical treatment for any injury resulting from a building code violation, you may also want to (or have someone else) take photographs of the issue and report it to the property manager or owner. This can help you when speaking with insurance agents about your claim.

An additional option is contacting a personal injury attorney to start a case. They will inform you of which other relevant agencies need to be contacted and what you can be doing to prepare for litigation. If you haven't already, you may be advised to inform an inspector of the issue and which code was violated. Ultimately, though, a personal injury attorney will work to make sure your case is heard and that appropriate compensation is received.

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