Can Social Media Affect Your Personal Injury Case?

woman using tablet to record video at the gym

We love social media. We even use it ourselves—Follow us, @manninglawoffice on Facebook. However, we usually recommend clients refrain from posting on social media about their legal proceedings. Here are a few reasons why.

Social Media is Public

Even if you have a private account, you have no expectation of privacy when you post things to the Internet. We’ve all seen screenshots of long-deleted tweets from celebrities that paint them in a poor light.

The same thing can happen to you and can affect how a judge or possibly a jury sees you and your case. Once you hit that send, publish, or tweet button, those words can be used against you and prevent you from getting the settlement you deserve.

Social Media Can Be Evidence for the Defense

As we mentioned above, social media posts can be used as evidence in court, which means they can be used to cast doubt on your version of events. If you have posted photos or videos of you doing physical activity, the defense can use that to disprove your injuries. In some cases, a plaintiff can inadvertently admit liability. Lastly, location tracking can discredit your version of events before the incident occurred.

We understand that any legal case can be extremely frustrating. You might feel the pull to start ranting on Facebook about the case or the defendant. It’s best not to post anything because your social media posts can easily be misconstrued or taken out of context. The only thing that matters is what people believe you meant when you published that tweet or status.

It’s essential to seek the advice of your lawyers when it comes to social media because it can affect your case. Our lawyers understand the legal ramifications of social media and can help you navigate your legal situation.

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