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4 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

4 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

1: Limit Distractions Before You Leave

Being safe takes preparation. Just like you wouldn’t leave your house without putting your seatbelt on, you shouldn’t leave your home without limiting distractions first. Need to input directions into your phone or GPS, do it before you shift out of park. Need to send an “I’m on my way” text, send it before not during your drive. Need to set your driving playlist, set your music before or let someone else in the car be the DJ for once. Any accident is bad, but you especially don’t want to be the person in the neighborhood who hit a parked car because you were texting.

2: Lower the Music

Music is a great de-stressor and a near necessity in LA traffic. However, not all of us can responsibly listen to music, especially when the volume is turned up high. Next time you’re jamming out to your favorite artist turn it down a little bit and save the dancing for when you’re not operating a vehicle that can cause harm to yourself or others.

3: Never Text and Drive

You cannot effectively drive while staring at your phone screen. People generally realize this, but we still do it. Why? Phones are addicting. Sending a quick text doesn’t feel as distracting as it really is. Sometimes, you need to communicate. Still, we see the data that shows that using your cell phone while driving increases your risk of an accident and that distracted driving causes thousands of preventable deaths every year. If you can’t trust yourself, leave your phone out of reach or find somewhere to pull over and park if you need to text.

4: Focus on the Road to Avoid Zoning Out

Our brains have to do a lot of things every day. We have a lot of things to juggle in everyday life. When you get into your car and sit in traffic, the truth is that it’s not the most stimulating task. It’s easy for your mind to wander. So how can we stop it? Be mindful of where your focus is. When you’re driving, devote yourself to the task at hand and try to catch yourself if your mind begins to drift.

Studies show that these are all common behaviors. If you’ve done these in the past, don’t judge yourself too harshly. All you have to do is be more mindful, so you can avoid a car crash in the future.

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